Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama Spurns While Texas Burns

April 16, 2011. That was two weeks ago. Were still waiting. Can you imagine if this was Bush? The left would be all over it. But instead, you get retards praising the federal government for ignoring the request because we are outspoken on big government. Give me a break. We pay federal tax dollars for things SUCH AS THIS. Obama is putting politics in front of peoples lives. This has to stop. NOW.

Perry Blasts Slow Federal Response as Texas Wildfires Flare Up Again - News Radio 1200 WOAI San Antonio Texas

Glenn Beck

In contrast, this is how Bush responded to California and their wildfires back in 2007. FEMA

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Proof Obama's New Certificate of Birth is a fake/forged? Don't Be So Sure...

So it looks like the new birth certificate is a fake/forged. Lots of the ol' copy and paste. You know, the old college paper writing 101 tool. Of course this raises a red flag and the same questions, and newer ones are being asked. But, lets do something Obama doesn't want us to do. Don't ask questions. As those in New York say... forget about it! Obama is a smart man, and has even smarter people around him. I think that this is a smoke screen that plays directly into his hands. He WANTS you to talk about this. He WANTS this to be on peoples minds. Why? Because on this issue, he WILL win. Period.

Look, theres a lot going on, and a lot about to go on with the upcoming election. Donald Trump, love the guy or hate him, has been very successful in getting people talking. But concentrating on the birth certificate, plays into the Obama political machine. The same machine the mopped the floor with Hillary. Don't be the mop America. Let this go. Lets mop the floor with him on all the other things we can take him down with. We don't need the birth certificate. We really don't. Its past its prime. It's over. We wont win this battle, and if we fight it, we will are doomed to another four years of hope and change we didn't want in the first place. Ignore this America, and go after him with the facts he hides from. That's how we'll win in 2012.

Police Chief? No Crime Fighting For You, SIR!

I really don't like unions. In fact, unions to me are in between gooey dog crap and that hard how did he do that dog crap. Right in between those.

From The Blaze.

Ever hear of Scranton? Most people probably have. And no, I’m not going to talk about The Office. Even though I am NOT a fan of Will Ferrell’s new character! They should have just let the show end, now its gone and jumped the shark.
Anyway, back to the real Scranton. A police chief on his day off made an arrest for a man in possession of marijuana. That’s it. See anything wrong with that? Apparently the police union in Scranton does. Since the chief isn’t a member of the collective bargaining, he shouldn’t be allowed to make arrests. He’s, you know, management. I guess he should be sitting behind a desk, managing or something. BUT NOT MAKING ARREST. Silly police chief, didn’t you know arrest was the job of an officer, not the chief? Tisk Tisk.
Really America? This is where we are heading? It’s sad when the chief has a complaint filed against him from his own for arresting a criminal. Just sad.

Chain Gang, Bang Bang

Oh Arizona. You have so much potential. Hell, you can be the next best thing to Texas. Its stories like these that make me think Arizona is on the right track.

Apparently, in December, Arizona discouraged classes that potentially segregate students. No brainer. But what does that mean for the Mexican-American history class taught by Tucson ISD? You know, the one that taught history from a Mexico/American perspective? Because apparently, teaching a history class about the overthrow of the US government, resentment towards a particular race, and I don’t know paying close attention to a certain ethnic group isn’t home to possible segregation. At all! Well, the ISD felt that the future of it should be discussed. Enter students. Chained together. Banging around, clappin' about. Causing general mayhem and ruckus that worked so well, the meeting had to be cancelled. Sounds like a typical leftist approach to democracy. Guess the whole debate and POV approach to democracy is just crazy. CRAZY I tell you. Psh. Who needs debate when you can act like a child. Oh wait. They are. Oops. Well, anyway, it worked. But, did it go the way they want to? The council is still going to meet, and you can be sure the kids little "stunt" will be fresh on their minds.

Call me stupid, but I don't understand this. Isn't specialized classes taught from different perspectives a bread and butter for HIGHER education. You know… those pesky big schools that all the big kids go to? If you want to learn a subject from a special perspective, why don’t you... wait for it... seek it out on your own... and gosh, pay for it or something. Or how about this? Al Gore, FATHER OF GREEN, invented this great amazing thing called the internet. Instead of porn or videogames, why don’t you research it on your own. Self education and all. Maybe that’s asking too much. But, I don’t think so.

Grow up Arizona teens.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Isn't it By the People For the People?

A couple of days ago a congressman from... you guessed it, Illinois issued a strong message to Obama. In it he said, use your power to grant amnesty or you wont win the election. He declares congress wont act, so Obama has to. I guess he means that congress has struck down what he wanted, you know that silly democratic way, so he wants Obama to just go over their heads and declare law. This is the left yet again hating democracy because they don't get their way. Wisconsin anyone?

Thanks to The Blaze for bringing this story to my attention.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arizona Sheriff Told to Reduce Border Arrests

When most people hear someone say "Arizona Sheriff" they usually think about Sheriff Joe. Not today! Even though I love hearing about his policies. No, today were going to talk about reports coming in about the feds in south Arizona and being "under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods." Instead of apprehending these criminals, agents are now told to... wait for this... chase them away. Like a dog or something. Bad criminal, bad! You know you shouldn't be here!!! Now you go back the way you came and don't ever let me see you again! Give me a break! Instead of putting the fear of the loss of whatever freedom they have, authorities now have to put the fear that they'll catch them. OOOOHHHH. Big bad cop gonna get me! But what happens when they do catch them? Play a nice game of tag? Or maybe hide and go seek? Or maybe they just need someone to talk to... COME ON! Arizona is practically the kidnapping capital of the world! An already horrible situation is about to spiral out of control and become insane. Is this the change you wanted America? Is this the hope you had?

Petition to Redistribute GPA Scores

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rep. Lankford- We Pay for Everything with Borrowed Money

Shame on Brewer

A year ago, Brewer was a hero amongst us Conservatives. She was potentially committing political suicide. But someone had to, and supposedly, she was the right person for the job. But, not all stories are heroic, and many fall short of their hyped up potential (Fox anyone?). Jan Brewer could have been the Governor that made it all happen. She could have led Arizona on a path that other states could only dream of. But, like so many other brave politicians, she has become just another name in the long, long list of conservatives that has let me.

In case you haven't heard, Brewer vetoed two very important bills. I add the video later. But there is no excuse for it. Even though I strongly disagree with it, I can slightly understand why she would veto the bill allowing guns on campus. But a bill requiring presidential candidates to prove thier citizenship? Why? It was pressure. She caved. Pure and simple. And I hope that the base in Arizona remembers that. We aren't in the business of electing the usual politicians. No. We're electing those that will actually do what they say and say what they mean. Politics as usual is dead. If you don't understand that, don't run. We wont elect you.

-Rough Draft. Video is now live.

'Let me finish my answers' Obama Loses His Cool With Texas Reporter

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sen. Rand Paul Defends Tea Party

Ever wondered what the Tea Party is all about? This is a great video from Senator Rand Paul. I echo the Senator and challenge everyone to attend a rally and see for yourself.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Feel Good Friday - Part 2

I have talked about this story a lot through Facebook and with friends. I was upset the second I read it. Any college student would, and/or should be. In the spirit of Feel Good Friday I wont get into the story, but the response it has created. A group of students concerned for their teacher, has created a Facebook page defending him and trying to get the word out for his innocence. How truly remarkable it is to me that every day students can stand together like this. I respect them and am touched by them for their service.

Facebook Group:

Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday, my way of steering off the political and social issues of the day, and instead, look at stories that inspire; the type of stories that swell the heart with tears of joy.

For the first Feel Good Friday, nobody deserves this written, heartfelt admiration than the Japanese. I haven't followed the stories flowing out of Japan as much as I should, but there was one story that did catch my attention, and admittedly gave me the motivation to start the Feel Good Friday blogs. I hope that this story brings you the hope it has brought me. In situation beyond our wildest imaginations, its hard to gauge how we'll react. The Japanese has demonstrated to the world just how to react in situation such as that.

If you haven't read it, please take the five minutes and head over The Blaze.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Spending Bill Passed

I for one am deeply upset about this. The debate raged on for weeks. We finally compromised at the last hour. And yet, we find out that the so called cuts are just red inked tricks, and in reality, we aren't really cutting anything? So if the end product is exactly what the Republicans were fighting for, then why vote for it? There were some that voted against it, and tried to make their voices heard. For that I am grateful. My own elected officials, with whom I called today, all voted for it. RINO's.

So what does this mean. Should we just pack up and expect politics as usual, or should we use this example to remind them of who they work for? Who they serve! Now is the time to remind, let them know you were watching, and you are not HAPPY.

America=Sucked Til '65

Found through my daily email from Glenn Beck.

The facts have been out there. From Michelle Obama's statement about the first time in her adult life she's proud of America, to Obama's ignoring of the constitution and calling it a "charter of negative liberties." This administration has been pretty clear on their feelings of America (Obama bowing to everyone.) But, this, well this is just shocking and disappointing. What makes America great? Is it the mighty government, or the people? It’s you and I. It’s the belief, the idea (going off of Inception) the feeling that America is, was, and will be. It’s the goose bumps that appear on our arms when we hear the national anthem. No Mr. President, it’s not government or the programs it creates that make this country great, it’s the people. We were great long before our nation was created. We were great when the founding fathers, were huddled up in dark corners dreaming of something better. You can’t, nor will it ever be, discount the fact that America is home to hope, ideals, beliefs, values, and the overall sense of the American Way.

Sneak Peek!!

Feel Good Friday's is coming to The Lone Conservative. If you were to ask others if they watch the news, at one point your bound to hear that its to depressing. In my opinion, they aren't far from the mark.

What's conservatism? Is it just a political ideology? Or is it more? To me being a conservative is more than just base political ideology. There is a social aspect too. Not only does it have a direct influence on my belief and value system, but it also is a key part of who I am. Feel Good Friday's are going to be my way of illustrating this. To show that although there is so much wrong in the world, there is good out there too. And you don't have to look hard to find it. Whats the old saying? "Even the dimmest candle helps to light the darkest night." I believe that to be true.

So keep an eye out tomorrow afternoon for two amazing stories that give me hope and bring a special feeling of relief and joy that can't be explained or written. I'll give you a hint: Dogs. College.


Obama Insults Ryan to His Face and is Courageous?

The budget debate is far from over. There has been mudslinging on both sides of the aisle, but in a surprising move, Obama comes away as the bully. Rarely have I ever agreed with anything coming from Morning Joe, but this time, they are right. This was a stupid move on Obama's part. Paul Ryan is becoming more popular every day, and the spotlight on him is getting brighter than ever. He is starting to become a household name. So what does Obama have to gain from inviting him to the front row only to insult him?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama: "America is a Nation of Laws, and I have to enforce them." Except DOMA...

In a town hall interview, President Obama admits that America is a nation of laws. And he has to enforce them. Curious then that Obama will not enforce any law pertaining to DOMA. In case you don't know, DOMA, signed into law by Clinton, wont allow the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages. Attorney General Eric Holder, however, has declared that the Obama administration considers DOMA unconstitutional and would no longer support it.

So which is it Mr. Obama, do you enforce laws, or not?

Read more on this subject at The Blaze

Obama on Illegal Immigration: Stay and Succeed

An illegal immigrant, who also happens to be a student, addressed Obama and asked: “My question for the president is, why [is the government] saying that deportations have stopped or the detention of many students like me, why is it that we are still receiving deportation letters like this one?” Now lets think about this real quick. When in our history has a CRIMINAL been allowed to address the President of the United States on why lady justice is upon them. This is a joke, and a bad one at that. Real change needs to happen America, and it needs to happen now.

Im aware that this is my third post on this particular subject, but it took me some time to find and cut the video. Also, its a subject I am passionate about. As a student, I am paying for most of my college career in loans. Loans that will one day have to be repaid, if not, my credit will be destroyed and my life will never have the potential that it could. I look at this issue and it dawns on me that this student doesn't have a social security number. So how is she, and all other illegal immigrants, paying for school? The only answer I could come up with, is the Government. Thats why I am so passionate about this particular issue. Because it has a direct effect on me.

Biden Falls Asleep During Obama's Budget Speech 4/13/2011

Camera's caught the attaboy Joe Biden sleeping during Obama's horrible budget speech on 4/13/2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'The Majority of White People Believe Those People Are Taking Our Money ...

Found from The Blaze. But don't worry, these are her views, not that of the democratic party. Yeah, right. Thanks for clarifying that.

White Privilege Conference

Found from The Blaze this video feature what a white privilege conference is all about. The top comment in youtube says it all: "This video is racist. What if there was a "black privilege conference?" Everyone there would be labeled a Klan member. What if there was a white kids college, or a college fund designated for only white college kids? What if 98% of white voters voted for a candidate because he was white?" Whats disgusting about this, public school teachers are being sent to this. Why? What purpose does it serve? Sickening.

Romney the RINO, don't get in the way of his charge!!!

According to this article from FOX, Romney has began preparing for the 2012 election. To some this is good news, as Romney does seem to have a strong following, especially those within his faith. But, to me, this is nothing but trouble.

Don't get me wrong. I like the guy. He would be a lot better than Obama, hands down. And if it came to it, I would vote for him. But it would be 2008 all over again. Romney is a RINO, or a Republican in name only. Hes a self admitted moderate. He panders to the left, and caves when it matters most.

2012 isn't just about retaking the White House, its also about retaking the country. Our country is in such a social downturn, if not more than an economic downturn. In order to win, we need a strong, ballsy candidate. We need someone who wont look the other way when it comes to social problems. We need a strong Commander in Chief, especially now that were discussing sending men into Libya. We need an unapologetic President when it comes to foreign affairs, not someone who bows any chance they can get. We need a President who picks a VP that isn't a joke. Romney is none of these things.

Romney may be better than Obama, but he's not the man for the job. Sorry.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

President Trump? I'm starting to see it.

A week ago I would have never thought that I would be saying I like the look of Trump more and more. But, well, things change. Especially after this interview with the liberal crowd over at MSNBC. Not only did he defend himself, but to me, demonstrated the ability to be Presidential. He played the part. Now the birther thing... well thats a tough one. Because on the one hand you have to think, ok, if this is legit, why didn't Clinton's political machine figure it out? But on the other hand, why is Obama spending so much money? Whats he hiding? So I don't know. Watch Trump and let me know what you think.

Made a call, got transferred and ended up talking to homeland security. Uh oh.

So I called the guy, Kenneth Landgrede, in charge of the deportation of the student at my school. It took a few minutes, but I found his number online. Bless you google,Bless you. I talked to a nice lady who listened to me explain why I believe the guy should be deported. After hearing me out, she told me to call this other number that she gave me. Said it was other office. So I did. Homeland Security. Uh oh. In retrospect, I should have hung up or something. But nope. After she asked whats it in regards to, with Kenneth Landgrede, I opened my big mouth and told her all about illegal immigration and how its a illegal. Other criminals don't get a pass, so why should they. She was in shock and asked if there is "anything else I should tell them." What the hell does that mean?! Oh well.

Those pesky immigrants, lets just love them all!!!!

So last night, I stumbled upon an issue right here at my school in east Texas! Apparently there is a senior here who is supposed to be deported, because, yup you guessed it! He's illegal!!! Now he gives this sob story that he came here as a kid and its not his fault hes not a citizen. And that if we deport him, were putting his very life in danger because he doesn't remember Mexico, and Mexico is this scaaaaary place. Boo hoo. He claims he found out while applying for college because he didn't have a social security number. And now he is a senior. So. This begs a few questions.

1. How did he get accepted to a college in the first place? Especially a state funded school!

2. Assuming he has a drivers license, how did he get one?

3. Assuming he has a bank account, how did he get one?


Now I feel bad for this guy, I really do. He is probably telling the truth in that he doesn't know Mexico and is afraid to go. Hell, I would be too. But, if we let one illegal stay, they all have to stay, and that, THAT is something that just can't happen. Ill look up the statistics, but we as tax payers pay more for illegal immigration than we have both the Iraq war and Afghanistan war, combined with loads to spare. Where are the liberals screaming about that and the outrageous spending? Oh thats right, future voters. My bad. Forgot you need to manipulate people to get elected. Oops. Wont make that mistake again. You silly liberals.

'Es el Momento', a Townhall meeting with President Obama

Found the video, but not the clip. Here is the entire meeting. If you don't want to waste time hearing bs, then fast forward to about 16 minutes in or so. Awesome!

Isn't Illegal Immigration, Illegal. Or something?

Theres a video, or was, floating out there that featured President Obama doing one of his famous Town Halls. In it, a girl, speaking Spanish, asked President Obama why she is getting letters of deportation. She claims that she is doing all the right things, being a good student and member of society, so why is she being deported. Wait. So your here illegally, but your doing the right things? Excuse me, but when in our history has a criminal been able to ask the PRESIDENT of the United States why they are being punished for breaking a CRIME? Now I was going to post the video, but no surprise here, they have all been taken down. Why? What does Obama have to hide? Is it perhaps because he told the girl that she is a good citizen and wont be deported, and that others like her shouldn't worry, as he'll protect them. That they are our so-called future. Well maybe thats true. They are the future democratic voters, so yeah!!!! Lets save them so we can get elected and created more ruin and destruction on the nation!!! Good one!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Post, Third Time

They say that the third time's a charm, or something like that. Maybe this will prove them right. But most likely this will be forgotten/unused here shortly. Does that influence my motivation to try though? No. Does that make me crazy? Doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting different results. It depends on who you ask. Hillary Clinton. Well its time to prove them wrong.

I have been a conservative as long as I can remember. But the older I get, the more I start to see that being a conservative is like being a minority in the early 20th century. All you have to do is turn on the news and you'll how conservatives are attacked and threatened, while the liberals scream foul if they try to defend themselves. What is this world coming to? Shouldn't we all have a voice? Isn't political debate and having supporters on both end of the spectrum healthy for the advancement of democracy? I don't know whats happening anymore, but I don't want to be another person who says thats a damn shame, and yet do nothing about it. So, beyond writing to my elected officials, beyond speaking up when my values are being trampled upon, beyond posting news on facebook, perhaps this may do some good, even if its not read by anyone but myself. We shall see.