Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reagan Library MSNBC Republican Debate

I have a hot cup of coffee ready to go and my mind is racing about last nights debate. If you didn't get a chance to watch it, just scroll down and enjoy. The entire video is up and ready to be watched! There were several things I enjoyed about last night. Cain's 999 deal. Every time I heard I just could him say $9.99!!!!!! Over and over and over again. The Romney v. Perry jabs, with of course Paul in the background trying to take on both of them, which appears to have led to a physical match with Perry. The total lack of care about Bachmann, I mean really? Who actually does?! The great one liners that Newt brought to the table. And of course Santorum and Huntsman both trying to remind everyone they are there too. So let’s break it down and see how things played, shall we? The order, at least the first three, reflects my current favorites, in order.

We have to start with him. MSNBC sure did, and so did most of those on stage. I will be the first to admit I was disappointed to see him, at first. I’m a Texan, and the wildfires are literally in my backyard. There are days when the smoke from the fires is over powering. I had wanted Rick Perry to stay in Texas. To do his job as Governor; but, I realized shortly into the debate, that a leader doesn’t have to be at post 24/7 to lead. Just like Bush and Obama. And skipping the debate could do more harm than good. McCain anyone? So how did he do? Good. He came in second place. Not bad once you consider this was his first real debate. He’s not the perfect candidate by far, and he does have some things to answer for, but for the most part he was strong and Presidential. I would like to find out what was said between him and Paul during the commercial break. He stayed strong even though everyone was gunning after him. One thing I was deeply impressed by was his courage. He didn’t shy away from social security and capital punishment, which you could see clearly disgusted Brian Williams. He stumbled on some things, but time is on his side. He can learn from this and become an even bigger target. I would imagine tonight did him some good.

I don’t say this lightly, and those that know me may be surprised by this. But, Romney won this debate. He was the most Presidential out of the bunch. He was prepared, elegant, and confident. The issues that could hurt him, he didn’t back down or sly away from. He actually made me even see that a Romney ticket wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Props to him. Romney is still a RINO in my opinion, but with the right VP he would do a lot of good for this country. I was most impressed with him when he saved Perry. He was given a golden opportunity to jump Perry, as everyone else had done. Perry was visibly becoming upset, and Romney could have “finished him” so to speak. But instead, he was Presidential. He picked Perry back up and slammed his fellow conservatives for allowing MSNBC to start a fight. Good one. The rest of the night was Romney as usual. He’s a good debater and is intelligent, and tonight was different. He did go after Perry, especially in the first hour, but I never once felt like they were bickering or arguing. They were debating. It’s going to be down to these two, and I’m ok with that.

This man is brilliant. I don't think he stands a snowballs chance in hell, but you can't take away Newt from Newt. He's found his niche. He relentlessly went after MSNBC and the MSM as a whole. I absolutely loved that one of the first things he said shut up MSNBC pretty darn quick. He's got balls of steel. If anyone, aside from Romney's saving Perry moment, was the team player aka GOP cheerleader (in more ways than one) its this guy. I imagine even he understands he wont President, but he does a great job of making sure people stay on topic. Perhaps he could best be summed, Angel in the Household. You know, minus the whole playboy stuff.

The Others
Let’s face it. Nobody else on the stage did a bang up job. Huntsman did shock me. He was almost like a different guy compared to his last debate. He was still boring, but at nowhere near as bad. Cain is a very smart man and I see him getting some type of cabinet position, but aside from economics, and maybe even immigration, he falls flat on his face. Santorum is a great guy. He’s smart and brings a lot to the ticket, but he just doesn’t have the appeal that a future President needs. He’s not inspiring. Obama would destroy him, even though he would be right. And Bachmann? It’s almost sad, really. I truly want to see strong conservative woman who isn’t polarizing. She’s just a toned down version of Sarah Palin, which is a bad thing. We will one day see a woman President, and I hope that day is sooner, rather than later. But it won’t be Michelle Bachmann. She has a lot of good things to say, but its rhetoric, the rest is just blunders I’m sure she regrets the second they come out of her mouth. Paul is a smart, smart man. And his campaign is being done fantastically. His ad right before the debate was amazing, and very well done. But Paul’s greatest strength is his greatest weakness. He’s extreme right. He makes me look moderate! He just doesn’t have the power to win the moderates and independents. And what was up with the taking away the AC for troops in Afghanistan. I mean come on, that worse than going after social security! I like Paul, but it just won’t happen.

They did a pretty good job. Out of all the debates so far, their format was the best. They obviously had it out for Perry and set it up to a Romney v. Perry night. They ignored the candidates request to not have a lightening round, but all in all, I enjoyed the debate and was happy with it. Heck even the SEIU commercial blasting the GOP was typical them and made me laugh. Thanks for a good night MSNBC.

So what are your thoughts? Am I completely crazy, and or wrong? Is Bachmann the one? Or perhaps Paul? Share your comments below!