Tuesday, August 2, 2011

$535 Fine For Saving a Bird?

UPDATE: From MSNBC.com <---you don't see that source on here very much!
“The citation is null and void,” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Bill Butcher told msnbc.com on Tuesday. “We’ve rescinded it.”
“They [the agent and state trooper] had gone to inquire about the health of the woodpecker,” Butcher said. “At that point, they determined that no further action was necessary.”
Despite this, Butcher said, the citation was processed unintentionally. He added that the agency has apologized to Capo and will send her a formal letter explaining the clerical error.

An 11 year old girl did what most 11 year old aspiring veterinarian would do when they see a baby bird about to be lunch for a cat, she saves it. Well from that alone you'd think this story is more appropriate for Feel Good Friday, right? Think again. After news traveled about the "touching" story, the state got involved and slapped a $535 ticket and possible jail time on the mom. And people wonder why I'm so anti-big-government...