Thursday, June 9, 2011

On Campus

From time to time, I get to hear teachers "talk" to one another. Today was one of those days. I first started to clue into the conversation when they started talking about Huffington Post. That didn't last long and one of the Professors started talking about her son who is a higher up with Amazon. In her words, he is a Republican capitalist. She mentioned despite all that he has a conscience and will do whats right. Come again? So being a capitalist means you may not have a conscience? She then went on to talk about how Amazon is a union buster and how they need to allow unions to come in and help those poor workers. She also started talking about how he has a lot of "stuff" that he doesn't need, like three laptops and a thirst for money. To be fair, a lot of what she was talking about, some of which I mentioned, is from a mothers standpoint.

This little brief conversation had a host of liberal ideals in it. Socialism, salary caps, and unions are the big three. All three have been prominent in the media these last few years, a lot of which has to do with our current President, the campaigner in chief.

Here's the thing. The vision our founding fathers had for this country has long since been distorted. Over the years, we have allowed the liberals to gain control. An interesting read is A Patriots History of The United States. I would highly recommend it. In the revised edition, they included a transcript of an interview with Rush Limbaugh. What stood out to me was the discussion of the rise of liberalism. How to appease them, we allowed them to express their views, without the defense of ours. But the old saying of give them an inch, they'll take a mile certainly applies. Its time to take back that mile. To stand up for what we believe in. And, trust me, I understand its easier said then done. I didn't stand up and defend conservatism and capitalism while my Professors were talking. Nor should I have. Putting aside our views in support for our views in the quickest way of defeat I know. We must have and utilize our values. We must never infringe upon them. I wasn't a participant in the conversation, so butting in and expressing my views is uncalled for. But whenever asked what my views are, or when it comes time to defend via official means, then it is time to stand. To show support for what you believe in. Remember, the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.

Oh, and the parting joke the professors shared together? Rick Perry may be running for President. I don't know about them, but that wouldn't be a joke, but instead a blessing for the Republican party.