Monday, June 13, 2011

The New Hampshire Republican Debate

Tune in tonight for the New Hampshire Debate. So far, the campaign trail has been fairly stagnant. Is this the key to kick starting everything? With Romney and Bachmann in the mix, will Cain reign supreme? I doubt the debate will change much, but it will definitively be worth watching to see how things are starting to shape up.

Heres what I hope to see:

Cain- He did great last time. Numerous times throughout the debate I kept saying, who is this guy?! He won the last one, hands down. Can he do it again? Can he stand up to the Romney machine and the tea-party favored Bachmann?

Paul- Not looking for much here except hopefully getting people engaged on big government topics. I like a lot of what he stands for, and I hope he brings some of that to the table tonight. Other than a support role, I'm not to interested in all he has to say. Be prepared for lots of fans in the crowd though. He seems to have a knack for getting his base mobile.

Romney- Honestly, I hope he flops tonight. If he wins the nomination, then we deserve another four years with Obama, because really even if Romney beats him, that's what we'll get.

Bachmann- See Paul. Same thing. She's another Sarah Palin. Get out of the race and put your support behind the nominee.

Gingrich- I hope to see some response on his staff leaving. Fingers crossed I hope he brings good news for Perry. Other than that, I'm not interested.

The others- Not really interested in, and hope they don't get that much time. Maybe good entertainment? Doubtful.

CNN- Lets face it, the last Republican debate I watched on CNN, they favored McCain and Romney and ignored the others. Anderson Cooper shown his disgust and the pro-liberalism steaming from the network wasn't hidden. Hopefully this will change. But doubtful.

To learn more about the upcoming debate and a little about the debaters, visit CNN's site here.