Monday, June 13, 2011

In the... Army. No Wait... Marines... Which is it?

The last week has brought two stories. Review them here and here.

I'm on the side of the schools. Sort of. I agree that the Marine shouldn't wear her uniform. That's policy, and it would detract from the ceremony. But the sashes are another story. The school should have allowed them. They weren't a distraction and wouldn't stand out. Hopefully, the schools will review their policies sooner rather than later.

The real story here lies with how the students responded to the issue. On the one hand, the students decided not to make a scene and went to sit with their parents in silent protest. On the other, you have a student who turned to the media. Although, not that big of a deal, she's a marine. She's taken the oath to serve her country. She's been trained to follow orders, not question them. The statement from the Marines reflected that. She could have worn the gown over her uniform, or sit in the stands with her parents in her uniform, if it meant that much to her. To me, that's common sense.