Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hollywood Hates Christianity

Sometimes we all need to escape. Get away from it all. Unplug from life (but not technology!) That's exactly what I did this weekend. I unplugged. Slept in most of the day both Saturday and Sunday. Watched a few movies. Did a little gaming. Chatted with some friends. Tried out new recipes. The usual. It was a great weekend. One thing really bothered me though. I watched the movie "Going The Distance". Decent movie, kept my interest, but it was a little cliche. Considering the actors, it could have been better. Anyway... throughout the movie they kept using the Lords name in vein. Instead of paying attention to the movie, I kept thinking about we almost programmed and get used to hearing it. In the day and age where your labeled as a bigot, racist, what-have-you for saying anything negative about Muslims/Islam (anyone remember South Park and their Muhammad gag?) why is it ok to do the complete opposite to Christianity. Look at a lot of the recent movies these days. Easy A comes to mind. Who were the judgmental, opinionated group against Emma Stone's character? Christians. Why? When did this become ok? Enough is enough. Stop the hypocrisy and leave my God alone. Got it?!