Friday, June 3, 2011

Feel Good Friday 6/3/2011

First, let me apologize about the lack of posts this week. Getting back into the swing of things after Memorial Day Weekend was a little harder than normal. I hope everyone had a great weekend and took the time to thank those that made the sacrifice for us to enjoy such a weekend.

As a Texan, how can I not mention the NBA finals last night? Great game. But the real story is the young girl who sang the National Anthem. If you were to just listen instead of watch you may think she was in her late twenties. Nope. At only 10 years, this young lady showed true patriotic spirit! Enjoy the video (note: I put two videos of it up. One is more clear, but the person who took the video talks during it, distracting from the performance. The other, not as clear).