Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dumb Iowa

Your house is on fire. Your trapped inside. The firefighters are right outside your door. What happens next? Well, according to Cedar Falls in Iowa, the firefighters just let themselves in. Don't worry about bashing the door down. Nooooo! That's so the 1990's you silly citizen. No, in todays age, outside your door you have a "lock box" with your key in it, just in case of an emergency and the Fire department needs to get in. It'll save loads of time and effort on the firefighters part! Sound good?

I don't think so. Lets talk basics for a second. Whats the overall difference in time between taking the door down the old fashion way, and opening a locked box and then opening the door? I understand every second counts, but is it that drastic of a difference? To me this is big brother. Remember we got to where we are today by the liberals taking small steps. Little things that add up. Does this have anything to do with recent news about the FBI becoming more powerful? I don't know. But what I do know is the government will be able to freely enter my house without my permission over my cold dead body.