Thursday, June 30, 2011


During yesterdays hearing on the dream act (and the liberal MSM thinks conservatives are digging their own graves, yeah right!) hundreds of illegal immigrants, mostly students, were proudly brought in and even showcased. Many had the chance to tell their story. Even more amazing, they were able to do all this without threat of arrest from the nation’s chief immigration official who was in the same room, Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano told this subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee that although the large group gathered was part of the population that is subject to deportation, there would be no enforcement of the law that morning.

As if fundamentally disrespecting our nation wasn't enough, they stormed
the lobby of the Republican National Committee in Washington, DC. According to the video’s YouTube description, the protestors demanded to speak with Republican chairman Reince Priebus and camped out in the building until a staff member from the RNC agreed to meet with them.

Whats going on America? Politics and issues aside, how can we allow laws to go unenforced?! They are all illegals. Criminals, in our nations capital, being praised as heroes and courageous. Whats courage have anything to do with it, when you know you wont get in trouble?! Lets throw the book at them while we deport these criminals, aka heroes! Whats the purpose of the separation of powers if we don’t follow the rule of law? Shouldn’t those we elect be held in contempt and dereliction of duty for not doing their job? Politics and the issue aside, if they don’t like the law, change it, but while its still a law, enforce it! These people, the "heroes" and the politicians, should have been all arrested on the spot. In fact, shame on the RNC for not calling immigration. Grow a backbone people!

Watch the video below of the mob at the RNC. Caution, it is a little loud, so no need for high volume.