Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beck Harassed

Could you image the outcry if someone like Keith Olbermann or Jon Stewart was treated so horribly that they had to leave a movie early because people were yelling and targeting their wife and kid? Or even yet, look how much time the media has invested in trying to find violence and hatred at tea parties across America.

Last night, Glenn took his family to see an outdoor movie in New York. The crowd would have none of that. They yelled, scream, insulted, spilled wine on his wife, and cheered when he got up and left. We may not get along, but my goodness, this is America. Were all about being to overcome this sad example of hostility. I commend Glenn for his doing that what he has preached. For not lowering to their level. God Bless you Glenn. Yet another reason why your my first modern day True Patriot (hint! click the tab above!!).

Hate should not be spread like this. We may disagree, but were Americans. We showed the world it can work. Don't backtrack. And that goes both ways. As conservatives, we have to do the same thing. Show respect and love towards our fellow American. The second we act like those movie-goers in New York, the second our argument is debunked.

Good work Glenn, and shame on you movie-goers.

Source: The Blaze