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During yesterdays hearing on the dream act (and the liberal MSM thinks conservatives are digging their own graves, yeah right!) hundreds of illegal immigrants, mostly students, were proudly brought in and even showcased. Many had the chance to tell their story. Even more amazing, they were able to do all this without threat of arrest from the nation’s chief immigration official who was in the same room, Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano told this subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee that although the large group gathered was part of the population that is subject to deportation, there would be no enforcement of the law that morning.

As if fundamentally disrespecting our nation wasn't enough, they stormed
the lobby of the Republican National Committee in Washington, DC. According to the video’s YouTube description, the protestors demanded to speak with Republican chairman Reince Priebus and camped out in the building until a staff member from the RNC agreed to meet with them.

Whats going on America? Politics and issues aside, how can we allow laws to go unenforced?! They are all illegals. Criminals, in our nations capital, being praised as heroes and courageous. Whats courage have anything to do with it, when you know you wont get in trouble?! Lets throw the book at them while we deport these criminals, aka heroes! Whats the purpose of the separation of powers if we don’t follow the rule of law? Shouldn’t those we elect be held in contempt and dereliction of duty for not doing their job? Politics and the issue aside, if they don’t like the law, change it, but while its still a law, enforce it! These people, the "heroes" and the politicians, should have been all arrested on the spot. In fact, shame on the RNC for not calling immigration. Grow a backbone people!

Watch the video below of the mob at the RNC. Caution, it is a little loud, so no need for high volume.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

“What,” Not “Who”

This is a great article from James Robinson. I highly recommend everyone take the time to read it. He is so spot on. Instead of focusing on who to elect, which admittedly has been my focus (this has been a wake up call in sorts for me), we need to focus on the what. What is the "what?" Read on...

Already, many candidates and major media are moving into full swing for next year’s elections. We must first understand what must be done before we can identify who can best help do it. Perhaps as important as any time since our founding, those who believe in divine providence and eternal principles must become well-informed and actively involved in the political process. Christians, pastors, and all church leaders must totally reject the lie that “separation of church and state” means people of faith must remain silent, uninformed and uninvolved. Those who recognize truth and stand for it can turn the tide.

Our nation’s founders knew that the limits of the Constitution were placed on the government, not the people or religion. The right to stand up and support first principles is both a privilege and a responsibility. True freedom grants citizens the right to choose and we have a responsibility to choose right. The Bible declares, “Righteousness exalts the nation”1 The psalmist affirms, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”2 “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice.”3

The only solid ground on which individual lives, families, communities and nations can safely build is the foundation consistent with unshakable biblical truth. When the weight of God’s kingdom impacts planet earth, you will clearly witness the footprints of our Father in heaven revealed through yielded lives, wise leadership, enforceable laws and national policies. The stage is set for a spiritual awakening. Now is the time for Christians to stand together as a mighty army in the face of all evil—even when it masquerades as the source upon which people are encouraged to depend.

The Old Testament reveals that God as Father wanted a family through which He could bless all the nations of the earth. The wise will learn from Israel’s journey. Paul said in the New Testament that what happened to Israel was an example for us.4 When ancient Israel wandered into idolatrous foolishness, they always ended up in oppression and bondage. Search the scriptures and observe the progression from freedom to slavery, from prosperity to poverty. In Genesis, the Israelites sold themselves into Egyptian bondage under the pharaohs. And then, after the Lord led them into the Promised Land, over and over they rejected God’s rule and ended up oppressed, until they repented.5 Once God restored their freedom and blessings, however, the cycle of rejection and oppression would start over again.

Now is the time for all Americans to choose whom and what they will serve. Christians must respond to the invitation issued by the prophet Joel to “return to God…and rend our hearts and not our garments.”6 There’s no time for religious ritual and meaningless tradition, but for the transforming worship of the living God. Truly transformed people have a positive impact on every aspect of life and culture. The profound effect of those living in the light and power of His kingdom is also revealed in history.

The correct question which demands focused prayer and active participation is, “What must we do?” rather than “Who should we elect?” When the citizens know the “what,” they will insist the “who” makes the right decisions or put them out of office as soon as possible. If all professing Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, along with Jewish people and those who believe the Bible is reliable, will stand together, the foundations will be restored, the walls of protection rebuilt and the people will have reason to rejoice.

Along with many national and church leaders, I’m seeking to know what must be done in order to effectively deal with present-day challenges. We must hold fast to moral principles and also make wise decisions concerning fiscal policies and practices. Some legislation and policies may be well-intended and based on sound moral principles, but they don’t work because they are based on bad economics. There is a difference between a principle and a policy.

For instance, you might believe that since God is concerned about the poor (a principle), we should raise the minimum wage to a $1,000 an hour and then everyone would be rich (a policy). But believing won’t make it so. The policy would create massive unemployment whether we like it or not. Permit me to share some of the obvious “what’s” to consider while seeking divine guidance. It is important to recognize:

As the Pledge of Allegiance states, we are a nation under God; and as our currency proclaims, our trust is in God—not “gov.” If national leaders do not acknowledge what America’s founders understood concerning the importance of divine providence, there will be no recovery.
All life must be protected and seen as precious with unlimited potential however unexpected or planned for. Remember, we can clearly learn from Nazi Germany that something can be legal but also very evil (i.e., the horrific extermination of the Jews and others considered less than perfect or unimportant).
America must stand in the best interests of Israel against the evil forces calling for its destruction.
Marriage is between a man and a woman and must be viewed as sacred. The strength of our nation depends on strong families, and national policy must protect marriage.
There are moral absolutes. No person’s failure reduces or redefines the standards carved in stone by the finger of God and revealed in His Word. We must find a way to stop judges and courts from misinterpreting the Constitution and writing their own laws.
Success and prosperity may be mishandled by some, but the potential for success that produces opportunity for all and prosperity at different levels is not the problem. Those we elect must keep the free market free, healthy and under the influence of people who understand the importance of personal responsibility.
There are forces of good and evil, and they must be wisely and rightly defined, discerned and resisted. A strong national defense is critical. Radical Islam and terrorism are serious threats. Extreme environmental activism is, also.
Depending on the federal government as our source is idolatry. We must control it, or it will control us. Stop the madness! Hitler believed that Germany needed a government over the people, not of the people. God deliver us from this kind of insanity.
Out-of-control spending, mismanagement of the people’s money and excessive, intrusive regulation is as wrong and immoral as stealing. Spending must be brought under control now, at whatever sacrifice. This does not include foolishly giving the government more of the people’s money to waste or mismanage.
“We the people” must be understood to mean that we all have a “dog in the show.” We are all responsible. We can’t just lay the load and responsibility on others, no matter how many twisted thinkers try to play the blame game. The opportunities and possibilities to succeed is not the problem. Don’t blame opportunity, begin inspiring and teaching responsibility. We must find a way for every citizen to help in some way shoulder the load. This can be accomplished without being unfair and riding on anyone’s back.
Deal with excessive, foolish taxation and revamp the tax code along with the IRS so we can rejoice together because it will stimulate economic growth. This would create jobs and ultimately enable us to better assist the suffering, the weak, helpless and poor—not with just a handout, but with compassionate hands extended. The church can and must set the example.
Let the people go. Turn them loose and behold the miracle made possible when people are truly free to be productive while assuming personal responsibility. Nehemiah rebuilt the wall in 52 days. Impossible? Not with God!
The church must be delivered from the spirit of religion and filled with the Holy Spirit, leading us to the supernatural unity that produces holy harmony. National leaders must rise above partisanship and reason together, seeking effective solutions to serious challenges.
Now is the time for us to become the city set on a hill that cannot and will not be hid. This is the time for action. God is anxious to make up for the years the locusts have eaten, to pour out the former and latter rain, to reveal His love and His ways to those living in darkness, who are controlled by a worldview that denies God’s truth, minimizes it or ignores it. Never doubt, it is the enemy’s desire to bring all of God’s creation into bondage and defeat, ultimately leading to destruction. God and His truth offer fullness in life, fruitfulness and freedom manifested by abundant life with or without the abundance of material possessions.

The sad fact is, many people—including Christians—have not handled blessings and prosperity well. The church has grown in character strengths more through persecution and poverty than in prosperity. Do not make the mistake, however, of interpreting this as the perfect will of God. It is not! He wants us to live as overcomers in this life—trusting Him, living in Promised Land blessing, enjoying all things richly, enduring all things, assisting those who suffer and rejoicing continually when facing all trials or when exalted beyond measure.

I am declaring to everyone with ears to hear: Now is the time to return to God. Stand up like a mighty army! Pierce the darkness, storm the gates of hell, set captives free, correct our course, reclaim the land, make God the “who” in our personal and national life, and point people to the “what.” We will never find the right “who” until we know the right “what.” When the population understands the “what to do,” we can find the “who” to help lead and insist that every “who” does the right “what.”

Be assured when the Lord is our Shepherd, He leads us to lie down in green pastures, not a barren desert and beside still waters, not devastating storms (although He surely helps us overcome their impact). He comforts us in the valley of death, defeat or despair, and even while facing enemies, He prepares a table before us and anoints our head with the oil of His abiding presence. May we together run to the shelter of the Shepherd who will lead us to "what" and "who."

1 Proverbs 14:34

2 Psalm 33:12

3 Proverbs 29:2

4 1 Corinthians 10:6, 11

5 Nehemiah 9

6 Joel 2:12-13


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Bristol Palin

Her strength and courage has caused me to make a new tab, Young Patriots. Similar to my true patriots tab, it highlights the best of people and their contributions to our country.

I'll be the first to admit I have a "celebrity" crush on her. Whats not to like? She's gorgeous, ambitious, conservative, honest, hardworking, AND loves hunting and fishing to boot?! My kind of woman! Seriously though. Watch the clips below of her promoting her new book, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, and then ask yourself, at 20, could I have done what shes doing? Hannity even admitted he couldn't! Way to go Bristol, keep up the good work, and keep fighting the good fight.

Part 1

Part 2

Beck Harassed

Could you image the outcry if someone like Keith Olbermann or Jon Stewart was treated so horribly that they had to leave a movie early because people were yelling and targeting their wife and kid? Or even yet, look how much time the media has invested in trying to find violence and hatred at tea parties across America.

Last night, Glenn took his family to see an outdoor movie in New York. The crowd would have none of that. They yelled, scream, insulted, spilled wine on his wife, and cheered when he got up and left. We may not get along, but my goodness, this is America. Were all about being to overcome this sad example of hostility. I commend Glenn for his doing that what he has preached. For not lowering to their level. God Bless you Glenn. Yet another reason why your my first modern day True Patriot (hint! click the tab above!!).

Hate should not be spread like this. We may disagree, but were Americans. We showed the world it can work. Don't backtrack. And that goes both ways. As conservatives, we have to do the same thing. Show respect and love towards our fellow American. The second we act like those movie-goers in New York, the second our argument is debunked.

Good work Glenn, and shame on you movie-goers.

Source: The Blaze

Hollywood Hates Christianity

Sometimes we all need to escape. Get away from it all. Unplug from life (but not technology!) That's exactly what I did this weekend. I unplugged. Slept in most of the day both Saturday and Sunday. Watched a few movies. Did a little gaming. Chatted with some friends. Tried out new recipes. The usual. It was a great weekend. One thing really bothered me though. I watched the movie "Going The Distance". Decent movie, kept my interest, but it was a little cliche. Considering the actors, it could have been better. Anyway... throughout the movie they kept using the Lords name in vein. Instead of paying attention to the movie, I kept thinking about we almost programmed and get used to hearing it. In the day and age where your labeled as a bigot, racist, what-have-you for saying anything negative about Muslims/Islam (anyone remember South Park and their Muhammad gag?) why is it ok to do the complete opposite to Christianity. Look at a lot of the recent movies these days. Easy A comes to mind. Who were the judgmental, opinionated group against Emma Stone's character? Christians. Why? When did this become ok? Enough is enough. Stop the hypocrisy and leave my God alone. Got it?!

Texas to Defund Planned Parenthood

God I love Texas. And what a year for Texas. Voter ID passed, sanctuary cities bans are in the works, going after the TSA pat downs, slicing out of control spending, wonderful job creation, the sonogram bill, and now defunding planned parenthood. Of course not everything I wanted to see was done, but hey... did we ever truly get everything we wanted for Christmas? This guy didn't!

The Texas Legislature approved a bill Monday that would both compel the state to push the Obama administration to convert Texas’s Medicaid program into a block grant and defund abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

The Texas state legislature has approved the Senate Bill 7 Conference Committee Report that would revoke the taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business. With the actions by the state House and Senate, the measure now heads to pro-life Gov. Rick Perry for his signature.

Way to go Texas, way to go.

Source: Here and Here

Does the Constitution Still Matter?

Stengel... a Democrat... wrote it. First red flag. But lets look beyond the obvious liberal-conservative stance here. First, lets ask the most obvious question. Why is an article like this even worth the time? Shouldn't we, as citizens, all appreciate it and respect it? Not all be like Rep. Hare when he said, "I don't worry about the constitution on this"? Oh well.

The piece is as well written as can be expected. To date, there are 13 obvious errors in the article thas exceptionally rebutted by Aaron Worthing. Here's the errors, and a link for his rebuttal, as well as his letter to the editor. Good luck Aaron, and good job.

The Constitution does not limit the Federal Government.
The Constitution is not law.
The Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment emancipated the slaves.
The Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment granted the right to vote to African Americans.
The original Constitution declared that black people were to be counted as three-fifths of a person.
That the original, unamended Constitution prohibited women from voting.
Inter arma enim silent leges translates as “in time of war, the Constitution is silent.”
The War Powers Act allows the president to unilaterally wage war for sixty days.
We have only declared war five times.
Alexander Hamilton wanted a king for America.
Social Security is a debt within the meaning of Section Four of the Fourteenth Amendment.
Naturalization depends on your birth.
The Obamacare mandate is a tax.

Rebuttal: Here

Source: The Blaze

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Feel Good Friday 6/24/2011

A homeless mans dying wish was to see the dog that was his only companion in the darkest of times, one final time. In a remarkable story that truly illustrates the hand of God in all things, the man got his wish and was reunited. A truly touching story.

Source and pics:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Feel Good Friday 6/17/2011

Have you seen the riots going on in Vancouver? They are a horrible display of the natural man. All over a hockey game. Terrible, just terrible. So why is this a part of Feel Good Friday? Its simple. Despite all the violence, there were stories of those who stood up. This one in particular is spectacular. Two girls who seem to weigh less than 100 pounds stood up to a crowd of ravaging me. Why they stood up to them and were they successful? I don't know. But, what I do know, that there is good everywhere, all you have to do is look for what. The wonderful act of bravery starts at about 4:35 on the video. Be warned if you watch all of it, its NSFW.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Georgia On My Mind

Another player has entered the tough immigration game. Is it Texas? New Mexico? California? Nope. Georgia. Of all places, Georgia.

Georgia House Bill 87 is scheduled to take effect on July 1. The law is familiar. It sounds a lot like Arizona's law. The
law empowers police to investigate the immigration status of certain suspects. It punishes people who transport or harbor illegal immigrants in Georgia or use fake identification to get a job here. And it requires many businesses to use the federal E-Verify program to ensure their newly hired workers are eligible to work in the United States.

Seems like history is repeating itself, again. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, The Anti-Defamation League, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center and several other civil and immigrant rights groups filed a federal lawsuit against Georgia's law this month and are now asking a judge to halt the measure pending the outcome of their case. They argue the federal immigration laws make this unconstitutional. The only player not in the lawsuit? Obama. Wonder if he'll get involved?

Hats off to you Georgia. Hats off. This is the exact legislation that we need. I hope, unlike Arizona, this wont be in court very long and true immigration reform can begin.

Here's a little video to enjoy in celebration of the bravery of Georgia.

King the Discriminator

A play on words, but how ironic. Don't you think? Rep. Steve King, a Republican... from Iowa, offered an amendment to a bill that would prohibit the USDA from paying claims related to charges of discriminated against black farmers. At first glance that sounds pretty bad. But thats not the whole story.

Almost twenty years ago, there was acknowledged proof of discrimination against black farmers. Initially, it was expected about 3000 people were effected. But, surprise, surprise, that number grew. Before long claims reached over 22,000. Whats interesting though, is that, at the time, according to the census, there were only about 18,000 black farmers. Now call me crazy, but even my math skills scream foul on that one. It doesn't end there. There are now close to 100,000 claims costing us, the tax payers, over a $1.5 billion. That's a lot of money for almost ten times worth claims then there are farmers. In a time of out of control spending, I agree with the Representative.

Of course, something like this doesn't get passed without opposition. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat... From Houston, claims it "absurd" and that it's a "legitimate settlement of legitimate claims." Guess she forgot her calculator that day.


That Weiner's Done

About 1:30 this afternoon, Representative Weiner called it quits. About time. During the statement, many people were shouting at the Representative. It got so bad at one point, that it actually interrupted Weiner. After all was said and done, on his way out, one man yelled out, "will you keep your hot physique." Priceless.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go Wisconsin!!!!

It wasn't to long ago the democrats shipped in thousands of people from across the country to live at the Wisconsin capital in protest of a new law being proposed by the republicans. Many hailed the democrats for running away (literally, they left the state and stayed in hotels) in order to block the vote. Eventually it got passed and signed into the law. But it was quickly contested, and ruled unconstitutional by, wait for it, a judge who's deeply in-bed with unions.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court handed Republican Gov. Scott Walker a major victory on Tuesday, ruling that his polarizing union rights law can go into effect.

In a 4-3 decision, the court said Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi overstepped her authority when she said Republican lawmakers violated the state’s opening meetings statutes in the run-up to passage and declared the union rights law void.

To read more, go here.

Exposing Leftists

A great site that is definitively worth checking out is These guys are great. College students, young, and in California! Who would have thought? Their newest video features affirmative action. Apparently their basketball team is 9/10's African American. So these guys decide to "petition" for racial equality on the team. That blew some heads! Definitively worth watching!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post New Hampshire 2011 Republican Debate

Yesterday, I blogged what I was hoping to see from the debate. Here's my post debate thoughts.

Where can you start but with CNN. I had hoped that the liberal bias wouldn't be present, and that they would at least pretend to be a news network and not Obama's propaganda machine. Shows what I got for hoping. Right off the bat they insulted Fox by claiming this to be the first Republican debate. Come again? Pretty sure Fox was first. Granted Bachmann, Gingrich, and Romney weren't participating in the debate, but that's on them, not Fox. It just got worse from there. We all know how politicians like to not answer the question. It come's without saying. But multiple times, King would interrupt the candidates and say something like time is short are you actually going to answer the question. Are you freaking kidding me? Who the HELL is he to interrupt someone? If a candidate doesn't answer the questions, guess what bub, that's on the candidate. Not you. Not CNN. And what's up with those annoying little, "mmhmm"'s every other second while the candidates were talking? I'm pretty sure they were King, but they were annoying and distracted from the answer. The whole set-up from CNN was ridiculous. The format was awful, and any time they actually got into a good debate, they would for "time" reasons move on. Yeah its great to allow the candidates to say rhetoric, but isn't that what speeches are for? Commercials? Blogs? Social networking? Debates are the meat and potatoes. It's where candidates separate themselves from the others. I'll give CNN this, they really outdid themselves on lackluster performance and outright disrespect. Anderson Cooper's post debate was nothing but what this means for democrats, democrats response, Obama this and Obama that. I tried watching to see the post debate polling, but couldn't take it after twenty minutes. CNN you get a giant F for your performance.

Now that that is out of the way. Lets get to the real reason your reading this. The candidates. I'll come out now and declare a winner. Nobody. There was no real clear winner, and conversely, there was no real clear loser. I highly doubt this debate did much for undecideds. The candidates all held to what they've been saying, not necessarily a bad thing, but there was no big shocker or game changer. The only chance that could have been made was by Pawlenty, and he steered away from it. Perhaps he was afraid to steer the debate towards Romney, perhaps he didn't want to play CNN's game, but regardless, he missed a great opportunity. In alphabetical order, here we go.

Bachmann: The first thing she mentions is she's running for President. Well that was no brainer. Overall, I think she did a good job. She knows how to get people excited, and she further proved that last night. Cain has been favored by a good number of the Tea Party, but Bachmann has been one of the key players in the Tea Party so it'll be interesting to see her effect on things. Overall, she gets a B.

Cain: He was the winner from the last debate by a landslide. His speeches has been right on target for a lot of people, myself included. Admittedly, I was hoping to see him shine tonight. There were two times that he did well. Sharia law and same-sex marriage. The rest of his responses were almost cut and paste from his speeches, which good for fan-fare, bad for debates. He did, however, shine with his clear, straightforward answers. Overall, he gets a B.

Gingrich: I'll give him this one. He didn't seem the least bit phased about his staff leaving on him. He was calm, collected, and seemingly very prepared for the debate. A lot of his responses were well placed with a little ounce of zing to it. Unfortunately, I just can't see it in him. He almost reminds me of Fred Thompson back in 2008. While thinking about the debate, all I came up with him was, too little too late. Newt has a lot going for him, and is a strong political thinker. He would be best served to support a candidate, not try to be one. Overall, he gets a B-.

Paul: Say what you want about Paul. But, he's one of the few politicians that hasn't changed his stance as far as I've seen. He's been true to his beliefs. I liked a lot of what he talked about. Especially when posed about health care for illegal immigrants. Government wasn't always involved. Why should it be today? A great answer. Unfortunately, his views on foreign policy is just to far out there. He's right in some ways, but history teaches us what happens when we ignore the enemy. Overall, he gets a B.

Pawlenty: He was the only one with a clear opportunity to strike at one of the others on stage. And... he sidestepped it. I'm not really sure why. It obviously ticked off CNN and King, as King kept trying to force him into the attack, but for whatever reason, he stayed true to not lashing out. That was a disappoint for me, since I'm no Romney fan. Other than that, he did reasonably well. Overall, he gets a C+.

Romney: I'll give him this, he knows his strengths and he focused on them. His focus on the economy is his greatest strength and he played it through and through. Several times he got caught up pretending to be a conservative, voicing the rhetoric the crowd wanted to hear. But, here's the thing. We all know he's moderate (if not RINO, which is my opinion) so him pandering to what the crowd wants, to me, only shows his true colors. But a lot of people like him. He's up in the polls, and nothing about last night will change that, other than the emergence of Bachmann, and those on the fence about the others. Nothing about last night will hurt Romney. Overall, he gets a B.

Santorum: I want to like him. Hes not a bad candidate. If he was running for congress, I would most likely support him. But lets face it. This election is huge. Crucial. With the very likelihood of two SCOTUS nominations, the economy, and big government, a "not bad" candidate just doesn't cut it. He had good things to say last night, his rhetoric was fairly spot on, except for same-sex marriage. But overall, I enjoyed listening to him. He just doesn't wow me like we need. Overall, he gets a B.

Honorable Mentions: Huntsman and Palin were brought up, with the later more so. Perry wasn't mentioned that I heard. Which is odd with all the buzz lately, especially for Gingrich. I would have thought this would have been a great platform for the discussion of a possible Perry candidacy. But oh well. Nothing new about Palin. You either like her or hate her, and the candidates seemed to be playing the respect card. Huntsman really isn't that special. So its no surprise he wasn't discussed. I'm still hoping for a Perry candidacy.

The "grades" I gave each candidate only reflects for last night. Not the individual and their campaign. I think that goes without saying. Most of the night you heard a lot of "this administration," and "this President." It seems as if the candidates are focusing on Obama, instead of each other. An interesting move. Cain said it best. Each person is well qualified for the job, and most of their beliefs are the same. So perhaps the candidates are trying to show which can face Obama the best, not which is best for the country. I'm not sure I like that strategy. Yes we need a strong candidate to face Obama. But we also need a strong candidate to face the country. I think they should debate their strengths over the others and why they are uniquely qualified to get this nation back on track. That alone will prove powerful enough to face Obama. Not the other way around.

Obama on Weiner

Say the title out loud. Thats all I'll really post on this "topic." Just thought it was funny.

If you want to read about what shouldn't be a story (he should be gone and we should move on) read about Obama's stance on the matter. You can follow the links to other articles.

Dumb Iowa

Your house is on fire. Your trapped inside. The firefighters are right outside your door. What happens next? Well, according to Cedar Falls in Iowa, the firefighters just let themselves in. Don't worry about bashing the door down. Nooooo! That's so the 1990's you silly citizen. No, in todays age, outside your door you have a "lock box" with your key in it, just in case of an emergency and the Fire department needs to get in. It'll save loads of time and effort on the firefighters part! Sound good?

I don't think so. Lets talk basics for a second. Whats the overall difference in time between taking the door down the old fashion way, and opening a locked box and then opening the door? I understand every second counts, but is it that drastic of a difference? To me this is big brother. Remember we got to where we are today by the liberals taking small steps. Little things that add up. Does this have anything to do with recent news about the FBI becoming more powerful? I don't know. But what I do know is the government will be able to freely enter my house without my permission over my cold dead body.


Flag Day 2011

Today is Flag Day. I invite everyone to take a second and honor this great country and all the freedoms that we have. Sometimes we get lost in the debates, issues, news, and the small things, we forget or in the least, take fro granted what we have. Today, lets change that. Lets all stand up, place our hands on our heart and recite The Pledge of Allegiance.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Images were used from these sites: here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The New Hampshire Republican Debate

Tune in tonight for the New Hampshire Debate. So far, the campaign trail has been fairly stagnant. Is this the key to kick starting everything? With Romney and Bachmann in the mix, will Cain reign supreme? I doubt the debate will change much, but it will definitively be worth watching to see how things are starting to shape up.

Heres what I hope to see:

Cain- He did great last time. Numerous times throughout the debate I kept saying, who is this guy?! He won the last one, hands down. Can he do it again? Can he stand up to the Romney machine and the tea-party favored Bachmann?

Paul- Not looking for much here except hopefully getting people engaged on big government topics. I like a lot of what he stands for, and I hope he brings some of that to the table tonight. Other than a support role, I'm not to interested in all he has to say. Be prepared for lots of fans in the crowd though. He seems to have a knack for getting his base mobile.

Romney- Honestly, I hope he flops tonight. If he wins the nomination, then we deserve another four years with Obama, because really even if Romney beats him, that's what we'll get.

Bachmann- See Paul. Same thing. She's another Sarah Palin. Get out of the race and put your support behind the nominee.

Gingrich- I hope to see some response on his staff leaving. Fingers crossed I hope he brings good news for Perry. Other than that, I'm not interested.

The others- Not really interested in, and hope they don't get that much time. Maybe good entertainment? Doubtful.

CNN- Lets face it, the last Republican debate I watched on CNN, they favored McCain and Romney and ignored the others. Anderson Cooper shown his disgust and the pro-liberalism steaming from the network wasn't hidden. Hopefully this will change. But doubtful.

To learn more about the upcoming debate and a little about the debaters, visit CNN's site here.

In the... Army. No Wait... Marines... Which is it?

The last week has brought two stories. Review them here and here.

I'm on the side of the schools. Sort of. I agree that the Marine shouldn't wear her uniform. That's policy, and it would detract from the ceremony. But the sashes are another story. The school should have allowed them. They weren't a distraction and wouldn't stand out. Hopefully, the schools will review their policies sooner rather than later.

The real story here lies with how the students responded to the issue. On the one hand, the students decided not to make a scene and went to sit with their parents in silent protest. On the other, you have a student who turned to the media. Although, not that big of a deal, she's a marine. She's taken the oath to serve her country. She's been trained to follow orders, not question them. The statement from the Marines reflected that. She could have worn the gown over her uniform, or sit in the stands with her parents in her uniform, if it meant that much to her. To me, that's common sense.


Ever wish that the days were longer? You had more time? Well, apparently, Obama does.

In a recent interview, Obama expressed regret that he doesn't have enough time with his children. That's understandable, like him or not, he is a busy man. So what makes this blog worthy? Well...

Today marked Obama's 72nd round of golf since becoming President. Call me crazy, but if on the one hand your saying your not getting enough time with your kids (cough pull on heart strings for reelection cough) but apparently has enough time to play a whole heck of a lot of golf. Lets not forget, the left were screaming when Bush played his... 24 rounds while President.

My response? Don't worry Mr. President, after 2012, youll have plenty of time to see your kids and play all the golf you want!

To The Pilot of the Goodyear Blimp

May God bless you and your family. Your act of bravery is an example of the true human spirit under extraordinary times. Through tragedy, you have shown us what a true hero is, not some fabricated Hollywood version of it. Thank you. May God bless.

Source Fox News.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Feel Good Friday 6/10/2011

Today's Feel Good Friday goes out to Robert Adams. A man with superb values and integrity. If you saw a bag full of cash, specifically $17,021, laying on the ground, what would you do? Mr. Adams went out of his to find the owners of the bag. Its nice to know good people are still out there.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bye Bye Gingrich

Looks like things have came to end for Gingrich, even if hes still in it or not. Gingrich’s campaign manager, senior strategists and key players all resigned on today, that either forces the hopeful to either retool or leave while the going is good. I like Gingrich to a point. A lot of what he says is common sense conservatism. I think he would be a decent leader, but we don't need decent. We need extraordinary. Gingrich, your not that person. Now use your talents to rally behind the party and future nominee.

On Campus

From time to time, I get to hear teachers "talk" to one another. Today was one of those days. I first started to clue into the conversation when they started talking about Huffington Post. That didn't last long and one of the Professors started talking about her son who is a higher up with Amazon. In her words, he is a Republican capitalist. She mentioned despite all that he has a conscience and will do whats right. Come again? So being a capitalist means you may not have a conscience? She then went on to talk about how Amazon is a union buster and how they need to allow unions to come in and help those poor workers. She also started talking about how he has a lot of "stuff" that he doesn't need, like three laptops and a thirst for money. To be fair, a lot of what she was talking about, some of which I mentioned, is from a mothers standpoint.

This little brief conversation had a host of liberal ideals in it. Socialism, salary caps, and unions are the big three. All three have been prominent in the media these last few years, a lot of which has to do with our current President, the campaigner in chief.

Here's the thing. The vision our founding fathers had for this country has long since been distorted. Over the years, we have allowed the liberals to gain control. An interesting read is A Patriots History of The United States. I would highly recommend it. In the revised edition, they included a transcript of an interview with Rush Limbaugh. What stood out to me was the discussion of the rise of liberalism. How to appease them, we allowed them to express their views, without the defense of ours. But the old saying of give them an inch, they'll take a mile certainly applies. Its time to take back that mile. To stand up for what we believe in. And, trust me, I understand its easier said then done. I didn't stand up and defend conservatism and capitalism while my Professors were talking. Nor should I have. Putting aside our views in support for our views in the quickest way of defeat I know. We must have and utilize our values. We must never infringe upon them. I wasn't a participant in the conversation, so butting in and expressing my views is uncalled for. But whenever asked what my views are, or when it comes time to defend via official means, then it is time to stand. To show support for what you believe in. Remember, the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.

Oh, and the parting joke the professors shared together? Rick Perry may be running for President. I don't know about them, but that wouldn't be a joke, but instead a blessing for the Republican party.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Feel Good Friday 6/3/2011

First, let me apologize about the lack of posts this week. Getting back into the swing of things after Memorial Day Weekend was a little harder than normal. I hope everyone had a great weekend and took the time to thank those that made the sacrifice for us to enjoy such a weekend.

As a Texan, how can I not mention the NBA finals last night? Great game. But the real story is the young girl who sang the National Anthem. If you were to just listen instead of watch you may think she was in her late twenties. Nope. At only 10 years, this young lady showed true patriotic spirit! Enjoy the video (note: I put two videos of it up. One is more clear, but the person who took the video talks during it, distracting from the performance. The other, not as clear).