Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Talking With A Liberal... Nutcase

Yesterday, I posted this quote as my status on Facebook:

‎"When I marched in the civil rights movement, I did not march one inch, one foot, one yard...for man to be able to marry man, woman able to marry women. We marched because we wanted the right to live the American dream." Rev. William Owens

Less than an hour later, I receive this message from a "friend" of mine:

"have you ever heard of the phrase "Hate the sin, not the sinner" Everyone in this world deserves to marry who they choose, you may not approve of it... but my god would not punish those for simply loving. My god is a loving, compassionate, and understanding God. I believe people are born with certain obstacles and its the way they handle them, not who they are or who they love."

Now to be fair, I don't really know this person. Its been years since I've seen them, a throw back to my Mormon days, to which this person is an active member of. Immediately after placing this comment on my status, the person deleted me as a friend. Not one to let a good debate to go to waste (cough Rahm Emanuel cough) I sent a message that reads:

"(Your Message) It was deleted. In response to your question, yes I have heard of that. Before you judge me, realize that I do not hate homosexuality... But you miss a crucial fact in your stance. Its called the bible. Ever read it? If you God is so wanting homosexuals to get married, why is almost every organized religion against it. Yours included, in fact its often the most in headlines for fighting gay marriage. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't your church believe it receives revelation from God? If thats so, why do you think they fight it so? Also you say your God wont punish those for "loving," and again I point you towards the bible. The fact of the matter is yes, gays have a right to be with each other. And I believe strongly in civil unions. But not marriage. Marriage is defined between one man and one woman. Period. The second you destroy that, the second society spirals out of control. Want proof? Again, read the bible. Amazing book. Best sold book in the history of the world. Highly recommend reading it. Oh, noticed you deleted me off your friends. Classy, you beat me to the punch. Good luck arguing a factless argument."

Here was their response:

"alright (theloneconservative). I refuse to play your game. I was simply stating MY opinion, you seem to forget that others are entitled to them. Yes I did delete you.. because you are so right winged and close minded to anything out of your comfort zone. I'm tired of hearing you mouth off our president and all of your other right winged crap. I'm sorry I'm not as well versed in political jargon, but I try. I figured the reason why you put that up there, was to have a general debate... I apologize if I misunderstood... don't put things in a public forum if you are afraid of anyone believing anything other than what you state, and as to the bible... I've read it many times, I've studied in seminary... I've been a member of my church since birth... so don't try and make it out that I'm a poor member and don't know what Im talking about or don't believe in what I practice. sorry I upset you... but like you I was debating your stance, maybe you should take notice."

I immediately shot back:

"There is a difference between debate and attack. Maybe being so indoctrinated by CNN you forget. You see, in debate you present facts relating to your point of view. In your comment you made a couple of comments pointing directly at me, not the topic on hand. Hence the deletion. Oh and for someone who refuses to "play my game" (whatever that means) you sure did a lot of talking, and attacking. Why is it liberals run from facts, but rush to attack? Typical. Oh, and just because you were ascribed doesn't make you any more or less a part of something. It comes from within. Read my message again. Nowhere did I say or hint that you were a "poor member" of your church. You implied that yourself. And just so we are clear, you did not upset me. If anything, you amused me. Debates are fine, but when attacks are made, I respond in kind. Hints the message. I welcome debate, as debate is one of the great gifts of this nation, and it should be used frequently. But remember, no one person is above the rule of law. Especially those who we place in power. The power of the people shall never be questioned. So yes, I do "mouth off" our President, as he deserves it. He is not above it. The second he is, the Republic dies, along with it, democracy, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And to finish, its not a matter of my comfort zone, its a matter of principle and values. I stand up for what I believe in, and I invite you to do the same. As I said, its what makes America great that we can."

I also noticed that the person wrote on the wall of another friend of my mine that they upset me, which was "awesome." I simply said... "think again =)"

I'll update this if I get a response, but I'm not holding my breath. Its amazing how liberals will rush to attack the person, but quickly back off on facts. This America is a demonstration that we can and will win in 2012. Stop watching the smoke screens that Obama is so good at creating. Stick to the facts and lets get a strong candidate that can voice those facts, and Obama will be just a thing of history.