Thursday, May 5, 2011

Driving = Tax

Here in Texas gas is nearly $4 a gallon. As if that doesn't hurt enough, the government is mulling a tax on how much we drive. They want to put devices in our cars to track how much we drive... big brother anyone?? Supposedly this is stemming from hybrid vehicles and the loss of tax revenue from the government. So… the government pushes higher gas mileage and greener cars, but in return wants to create new taxes so they can make up their loss. I mean it’s not like we are already paying taxes on how much we drive. Oh wait. We do. It’s called gas tax. What’s next, a tax on those who don’t smoke because the government isn’t making money on us non-smokers? When is this going to stop? Wake up America. I’m tired of hearing about taxes. You know what. Let’s cut spending. Stop spending so much damn money and they won’t have to tax us so much.

Let’s look at my University for example. The board recently approved tuition increases because of budget cuts. They claim they don’t want to burden us students with the raising costs, but their hands are tied. Ok. That makes sense. Well… until you look at the budget. Just glancing at the budget, the school is spending over a million dollars in just four student programs. That’s just four programs. Instead of raising tuition, or AHEM taxes, cut spending. Think of how much a 5% cut would save the school, the nation. But people don’t think that way. It just boggles my mind that people think spending will erase debt. Sure as hell wish my credit card company would go along with that. Come on America, wake up.

Source: The Blaze