Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bully Pulpit

Oh President Roosevelt, what would you have to say about all the happenings of today?

The other day, in San Antonio TeXas, over 5000 people came together to honor Israel. Unkown to them, a group of pro-Palestinian were in attendance. It wasn't long before they began to interrupt the service shouting their beliefs. They claim it was an act of free speech. Watch the video below (warning, its made by the protestors!) and ask yourself, is this free speech?

Glenn Beck took a moment to talk about this on his show on FOXnews, and I agree with him. Its bullying. And isn't it interesting that the video honoring the protestors uses a "J" instead of an "X" to illustrate their belief that the United States stole Texas? Here's his video:

There is an even more pressing issue here. Minority rule! When did the nation become ran by the minority? We are a nation of free speech. But should free speech be used to interrupt the rights of others. What about the rights of the 5000 others in attendance? Their right to worship as they see fit was disrupted just so others can have their say. When has that become ok? This is where our country is going, and I’m disgusted. If the protestors had stayed outside with signs and chants, that’s one thing. That’s their right. But when they step over the line and disrupt others rights, they should be punished. But they won’t. It’s time we unite and take our country back!