Thursday, April 28, 2011

Proof Obama's New Certificate of Birth is a fake/forged? Don't Be So Sure...

So it looks like the new birth certificate is a fake/forged. Lots of the ol' copy and paste. You know, the old college paper writing 101 tool. Of course this raises a red flag and the same questions, and newer ones are being asked. But, lets do something Obama doesn't want us to do. Don't ask questions. As those in New York say... forget about it! Obama is a smart man, and has even smarter people around him. I think that this is a smoke screen that plays directly into his hands. He WANTS you to talk about this. He WANTS this to be on peoples minds. Why? Because on this issue, he WILL win. Period.

Look, theres a lot going on, and a lot about to go on with the upcoming election. Donald Trump, love the guy or hate him, has been very successful in getting people talking. But concentrating on the birth certificate, plays into the Obama political machine. The same machine the mopped the floor with Hillary. Don't be the mop America. Let this go. Lets mop the floor with him on all the other things we can take him down with. We don't need the birth certificate. We really don't. Its past its prime. It's over. We wont win this battle, and if we fight it, we will are doomed to another four years of hope and change we didn't want in the first place. Ignore this America, and go after him with the facts he hides from. That's how we'll win in 2012.