Thursday, April 28, 2011

Police Chief? No Crime Fighting For You, SIR!

I really don't like unions. In fact, unions to me are in between gooey dog crap and that hard how did he do that dog crap. Right in between those.

From The Blaze.

Ever hear of Scranton? Most people probably have. And no, I’m not going to talk about The Office. Even though I am NOT a fan of Will Ferrell’s new character! They should have just let the show end, now its gone and jumped the shark.
Anyway, back to the real Scranton. A police chief on his day off made an arrest for a man in possession of marijuana. That’s it. See anything wrong with that? Apparently the police union in Scranton does. Since the chief isn’t a member of the collective bargaining, he shouldn’t be allowed to make arrests. He’s, you know, management. I guess he should be sitting behind a desk, managing or something. BUT NOT MAKING ARREST. Silly police chief, didn’t you know arrest was the job of an officer, not the chief? Tisk Tisk.
Really America? This is where we are heading? It’s sad when the chief has a complaint filed against him from his own for arresting a criminal. Just sad.