Thursday, April 7, 2011

Made a call, got transferred and ended up talking to homeland security. Uh oh.

So I called the guy, Kenneth Landgrede, in charge of the deportation of the student at my school. It took a few minutes, but I found his number online. Bless you google,Bless you. I talked to a nice lady who listened to me explain why I believe the guy should be deported. After hearing me out, she told me to call this other number that she gave me. Said it was other office. So I did. Homeland Security. Uh oh. In retrospect, I should have hung up or something. But nope. After she asked whats it in regards to, with Kenneth Landgrede, I opened my big mouth and told her all about illegal immigration and how its a illegal. Other criminals don't get a pass, so why should they. She was in shock and asked if there is "anything else I should tell them." What the hell does that mean?! Oh well.

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