Thursday, April 7, 2011

Isn't Illegal Immigration, Illegal. Or something?

Theres a video, or was, floating out there that featured President Obama doing one of his famous Town Halls. In it, a girl, speaking Spanish, asked President Obama why she is getting letters of deportation. She claims that she is doing all the right things, being a good student and member of society, so why is she being deported. Wait. So your here illegally, but your doing the right things? Excuse me, but when in our history has a criminal been able to ask the PRESIDENT of the United States why they are being punished for breaking a CRIME? Now I was going to post the video, but no surprise here, they have all been taken down. Why? What does Obama have to hide? Is it perhaps because he told the girl that she is a good citizen and wont be deported, and that others like her shouldn't worry, as he'll protect them. That they are our so-called future. Well maybe thats true. They are the future democratic voters, so yeah!!!! Lets save them so we can get elected and created more ruin and destruction on the nation!!! Good one!!