Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arizona Sheriff Told to Reduce Border Arrests

When most people hear someone say "Arizona Sheriff" they usually think about Sheriff Joe. Not today! Even though I love hearing about his policies. No, today were going to talk about reports coming in about the feds in south Arizona and being "under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods." Instead of apprehending these criminals, agents are now told to... wait for this... chase them away. Like a dog or something. Bad criminal, bad! You know you shouldn't be here!!! Now you go back the way you came and don't ever let me see you again! Give me a break! Instead of putting the fear of the loss of whatever freedom they have, authorities now have to put the fear that they'll catch them. OOOOHHHH. Big bad cop gonna get me! But what happens when they do catch them? Play a nice game of tag? Or maybe hide and go seek? Or maybe they just need someone to talk to... COME ON! Arizona is practically the kidnapping capital of the world! An already horrible situation is about to spiral out of control and become insane. Is this the change you wanted America? Is this the hope you had?