Thursday, April 14, 2011

America=Sucked Til '65

Found through my daily email from Glenn Beck.

The facts have been out there. From Michelle Obama's statement about the first time in her adult life she's proud of America, to Obama's ignoring of the constitution and calling it a "charter of negative liberties." This administration has been pretty clear on their feelings of America (Obama bowing to everyone.) But, this, well this is just shocking and disappointing. What makes America great? Is it the mighty government, or the people? It’s you and I. It’s the belief, the idea (going off of Inception) the feeling that America is, was, and will be. It’s the goose bumps that appear on our arms when we hear the national anthem. No Mr. President, it’s not government or the programs it creates that make this country great, it’s the people. We were great long before our nation was created. We were great when the founding fathers, were huddled up in dark corners dreaming of something better. You can’t, nor will it ever be, discount the fact that America is home to hope, ideals, beliefs, values, and the overall sense of the American Way.